Eyeglasses are not only worn for vision corrective purposes but also to make a bold statement. More often than not, the kind of eyewear you choose will have a lot to say about who you are.

For this reason, it is important to choose eye glasses in Calgary that not only portray your real identity but also complement your face and match your lifestyle.

The guidelines we lay out below will help you make the right eyewear choice to suit your individual needs.

Read on below to find out more.

  1. Define Your Style

When it comes to style, so many factors come into play here. It’s not just your face shape; you also need to define your look. So where do you start?

For starters, you need to define your face shape. Do you have a round, oval, heart, diamond, or square shape? Once you know your face shape, you can then proceed to choose frames that are in line with your features.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to choosing eye glasses in Calgary is to settle for a frame that is fashioned in a way opposite of your features. For instance, if you have a round face with softer facial features, square frames will look good, while in the same fashion, someone with an angular or square face will find round frames as the best option.

  1. The type of Lens you need

If you have an eye problem, such as difficulty reading, farsightedness or nearsightedness, your Calgary optometrist will give you the right prescription for your unique needs. This means that the lens you receive will be fashioned to meet your day to day needs.

  1. Sensitive skin or Allergies

If you are sensitive to certain materials, you should consider letting your Calgary optometrist know during the consultation process. This will help the optometrist advise you on various materials you can have your frames made from. Some good hypoallergenic materials you can choose from include stainless steel, nickel-free metal, plastic or titanium.



  1. Your Day to Day activities

There is a myriad of eyeglasses for everyone’s lifestyle. When you are choosing your eye glasses in Calgary, you ought to keep in mind your day to day activities. If you are highly active and involved in sports or athletics, it would be ideal to invest in eyeglasses made from a flexible metal that will not easily break. In the same light, ensure you choose appropriate lenses during the checkout process.

  1. Choose Frames that fit your Personality

The type of frames you choose for your eye glasses in Calgary can say a lot about your personality. Before you make a choice, take your time to ponder what statement you are looking to give. There are many different colours, prints, and themes to choose from. Whether you are a vibrant or laid back person, you can be guaranteed to find a style of frames to express your mood or personality.

  1. Factor in size

As you look for frames, factor in the size. Choose eyeglasses that fit your face right. The key to finding the right frames for your face is more about taking into consideration where the features on your face are set rather than the entire face.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you have an array of eyewear choices on the market. Where you feel you are getting confused, seek the advice of your Calgary optometrist to help you choose the right frames and lenses to complement your face.

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