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The wintertime is always the time of year when people get sick the most. It’s known as cold and flu season, and this year the flu is especially virulent. In many areas, people are coming down with symptoms of the flu or a flu-like illness and influenza strains A and B have been affecting people from countries all around the world this year.

Even if you don’t catch the flu, you may be at risk of coming down with a cold this winter. If you’re concerned about your children getting sick or are worried about getting sick yourself, the best thing you can do is get better informed on what to do – and then use the information that you have found out. Read on and find out more.

How to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

This year is a tough one for colds and flu. With dry air and plenty of cold temperatures, this has been a challenging winter. Scroll down and see our top tips for avoiding getting sick!


– Avoid the public.

Pay your bills online and don’t linger while out. If you can reduce your errands to going to one place instead of five, you may reduce the number of people with coughs, colds, and the flu that you run into. Some people can infect you before they even know that they are sick themselves.

– Wash your hands frequently, and carry hand sanitizer.

You can touch something and pick up the flu. You can touch your eye or your mouth and then infect yourself. Even by something as simple as going to the bank or the grocery store, you can unwittingly touch a cart handle or a counter that someone who had a cold or flu touched or coughed on. Wash hands often and never touch your face before washing. Carry hand sanitizer too and use it when needed.

– Seek out a medical clinic for minor emergency care in Calgary.

The ER is going to be full of people sick from the flu right now who are waiting to get checked out. If you have a small injury or problem or even a big one, you don’t want to catch the flu by being in a hospital around people in the waiting room with you that have the flu. It could end up being worse than what you came in for, and you could potentially be back in the emergency room for flu complications later.

– Stay as healthy as you can.

Don’t let yourself get run down. Get enough sleep and eat well, stocking up on tea and honey if you need to.

Want to avoid getting sick? It’s all about washing your hands and reducing your exposure to people who are sick. If necessary, go to a medical clinic for minor emergency care in Calgary or in your area right now, as the hospitals already have too much to deal with treating people for the flu.

Use good common sense and stay away from hospitals and people you know are sick and you should have a better shot at avoiding getting sick. Thanks for reading and good luck this season!

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